My Shower Skincare Routine.

Hey Internet Friends! Today I want to talk to you about my shower skincare routine and some of the products I am LOVING at the minute.


I am currently trying out the Olive skincare range from the body shop and it is quickly becoming a vital part of my shower routine, the most cost effective way of trying this product (and most of the products) from The Body Shop is by purchasing a gift set – currently on sale but usually retailing at £25.

I start my shower nice and hot so the steam really opens my pores and allows the products to be extra effective.
I then get on with all the bits and bobs to do with my hair. (more on that another day)


Body Scrub
The first skincare step I take in the shower is by using a body scrub of some kind, the current favourite is the Olive Scrub mentioned earlier by The Body Shop. I apply this by stepping away from the shower head and gently massaging all over my body in circular motions just like you would a moisturiser. This is a gentle exfoliator that stimulates skin microcirculation (which is fancy way of saying increases blood flow to prevent signs of  premature aging) and most importantly for us makes the skin feel super soft.

Boots no 7 Beautiful skin radiance exfoliator

Face Exfoliator
As the olive scrub is primarily a body scrub I use a different exfoliator for my face and my current preference for a shower product is the N07 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator for normal/dry skin. This is a more gentle exfoliation that my usual facial skincare routine however the grainy particles still leave a soft and clear complexion and the fresh scent really makes your face feel super clean.

shower gel

Shower Gel
I know a lot of people like to use shower creams and balms however I feel nothing makes my skin feel squeaky clean and revitalised more than a good fresh scented shower gel and because I am trying out the olive scent from The Body Shop. This shower gel smells absolutely divine and you don’t need a lot to get lots of bubbles, I always like to apply my shower gel with a good old fashioned shower poofie (although this can be tricky on my nose piercing) and give myself a good old scrub before rinsing and stepping out to a hopefully pre-warmed towel. Bliss!

body butter

Body Moisturiser
My favourite body butter by The Body Shop is the cocoa butter scent, I am currently using a special edition version of the scent and apply this liberally to my whole body aside from my face and hands. The reason I love this body butter more than the other Body Shop butters is because not only does it smell absolutely divine but is also a really quick drying formulation that instantly smooths any dry skin. I could not recommend this product enough! The results also last around 48 hours if used straight after a shower when your pores are a bit more open.

And that is my shower skincare routine. If you have any suggestions on products I may like or your shower routine I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Speak to you Soon,

HollyPop x

Where to buy:

Olive Gift set –

Face Exfoliator –

Body Butter –


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