Lets get Naked! : Urban Decay Palette Review

Hey Internet Friends, Today I want to talk to you about my most used Palette and that is the very popular Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow Palette. I love this product because of its versatility, wonderful design and the amount of looks you create. nakedpallete1

The first thing with the palettes from urban decay is the amount of different shades they include, you get 12 shades and this allows you enough room to create smokey eyes, simple everyday looks and everything in between. The packaging is also really beautiful with a tactile finish that you can’t help but stroke lovingly and thank it for being a part of your life! I mean just look at it! Urban-Decay-Naked-3-Palette

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty: I wouldn’t actually consider this palette to be neutral toned or especially ‘naked’ its basically rose toned that is very well suited for pale skin. Which means it works very well for me. naked3_alt1 Whats inside the palette

Strange: a pale neutral matte perfect for the entire lid and the corner
Dust: pale rose shimmer
Burnout: light peach shimmer with more orange tones
Limit: light rose/brown matte (great one for the crease)
Buzz: rose shimmer (love this for a quick look across the lid)
Trick: light copper shimmer
Nooner: medium pinky matte (love this on my brows in a rush)
Liar: medium brown shimmer that works beautifully on the crease
Factory: smooth brown with rose tones – slight shimmer
Mugshot: taupe shimmer with pink shine
Darkside: taupe satin small flex of silver
Blackheart: a smokey black matte with red glitter

I feel it wouldn’t be fair to do a full ‘whats inside the palette’ without talking about the actual palette itself. The mirror in all the naked palettes is absolutely the perfect size for small details in your eye make up and allows you to get both eyes in one view, which is something lacking in other palettes like this. Also, the brush is a cruelty free synthetic double ended shadow and crease brush that comes with the naked palette and is one of the best brushes I have ever got included in something like this, it also washes really well and hasn’t deteriorated over time! You also get a little sample of all the eye primers from urban decay and I feel this is brilliant! It gives you an opportunity to try each one before deciding which one you prefer the most and if used sparingly these samples can last upto 2 months which is a really nice little treat.

On Skin Examples
This look is probably more appropriate for going out for dinner or socialising with friends and uses the Sin Primer potion as a base.
The shades used are : Strange, Trick, Buzz & Mugshot.

naked2This look is my everyday look using this palette, I decided to take these photos after a busy 6 hour day at work and as you can see the pigmentation hasn’t let me down and the look remains strong. Anti Aging Primer Potion used as a base.
Shades: Strange, Dust, Buzz (a lot of blending here)

My thoughts
The pigmentation of this palette is exactly the quality you expect from urban decay and with the primer they last all day! It is also really easy to create an impressive shimmered look that really make blue and green eyes POP! The Matte shades are a little disappointing for an everyday look say for work or school but can be created with a little imagination. This is still one of my favourite products and I would always repurchase this as it is a valuable part of my collection. Although a matte palette to accompany this one would be an added advantage if you fancy making us one urban decay?

What are your favourite Palettes and eyeshadow brands?
Do you have any exciting looks you have created using this product?

Speak to you soon,
HollyPop x


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