Basic Mens Skincare : Shaving, Exfoliation & Moisturising

Hey Internet Friends,

Today I want to talk to you about something important, maybe not something I’d usually talk about except I think its worth talking about and thats men’s skincare.
This is unfortunately still a bit of a subject that isn’t taken seriously, but maybe if your a girl maybe you can pass this onto your dad, brother, partner.

Shaving is a fundamental part of men’s maintenance and it can be really quick and easy with the right tools and the right knowledge.
By the right tools I mean a good shaving creme and a brush.
The shaving cream is important, it works into the skin and hairs really softening them for a lovely kissable close shave.
Shaving cream is much better if let for a few minutes to really set in!
The use of a brush offers an advantage over using your hands as it allows the creme to really work into the hair and force them to stand straight, this again allows for a closer shave.

The Products
Shaving foam 1
Maca Root Shaving cream from The Body Shop which claims to soften bristles and improve razor glide for a close, comfortable shave. The key ingredient is Maca Root sustainably sourced from Brazil.

Contains Maca Root that claims to be renowned for helping energize and help boost skin vitality.
Creates a good lather and foams up very dense, without the use of much water.
Clean linen type of smell.
Moisturising and leaves skin soft and smooth.
You get a lot for your money.

Can get ‘sticky’ is you accidentally use too much water.

Exfoliation is a vital part of any skincare routine however I feel most exfoliation products are packaged to appeal to women, this is why the Body Shop Seaweed pre cleansing facial exfoliator is perfect for men.
This is multi purpose product that works as a cleanser and topical scrub in one with key ingredients olive seed powder working as the abrasive agent.
Exfoliation texturePro’s
Neat packaging.
Perfect consistency that makes it easy to use for someone who isn’t used to skincare routines.
Smaller beads in the product so a more gentle exfoliation.
Light fragrance with an after cooling effect that leaves the skin feeling refreshed

May be a little pricey for some budgets
Your fiancée may steal it. 🙂


MoisturiserThe Moisturiser of choice is Maca Root Balancing Face Protection by The Body Shop. This is a light gel moisturizer that can be used day or night that mattifies the skin and provides targeted moisturisation with key ingredients Maca Root mentioned previously.

Smells absolutely amazing
Really softens skin, reduces pores and hydrates.
Decent consistency as its a gel it doesn’t run or slip.

Due to the gel like feel it can make some men feel ‘unclean’.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of a different post, if nothing else it might have given you a few present ideas for the man in your life.

All products available from The Body Shop.


Let me know what you think?

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