The woman in my life : Bramble bear

Hey Internet Friends,
Bit more of a personal post tonight, I want to share someone very special with you. She completely owns my heart and I count myself incredibly lucky to spend my life with her.
IMG_2669It is of course, my gorgeous Guinea Pig Bramble Bear. 
She’s around 2 years old and was a gift from my fiancé. 
She thinks she is a dog, sleeps in a dog bed, begs for food, chews my stuff and is incredibly adoring. 
I mean, whilst I write this she’s sat right here just keeping me company. 

Now, because we all know each other a little and you’ve all been so lovely to me around here I desperately wanted to show her to you. Hopefully for the moment your reading this the photos I have included will give you the same warm fuzzy feeling she does me.


Speak Soon,

HollyPop x


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