St. Tropez in Shower Gradual Tan Lotion : A tanning virgin’s dream!

Hey Internet Friends,
Today I want to speak to you about an amazing product I have recently discovered due to this blog! This product has been reviewed a lot throughout the community and it has mixed reviews. I am of course talking about the St. Tropez in shower gradual tan lotion, I recently picked this product up when it was on sale at boots for £9.50. Bargain!
All opinions as always are my own. 

DSC00929The product is super easy to use, the idea is that you complete your usual shower regime and when your completely finished turn off the shower and apply the lotion style product all over the skin in circular motions, wait for three minutes and rinse. Easy as that.
St. Tropez have created this little video so you can really understand the best way to use the product.
The process is super super easy and as you can see from the video allows for an even coverage.
The only slight bug bear is that you have to stand like a sticky statue for three minutes in your turned off shower feeling rather bored and silly. Small price to pay for a natural tan if you ask me?
You don’t need a tanning glove as long as you wash the palms of your hands after use, so thats another common tanning problem avoided.
Doing your back can be a challenge, you will need a helper – suppose that could be a bit awkward.
The product itself does have a slight tan smell, you know the chemically baby wipe smell?
But (and this is a big but) I can never smell it on my skin afterwards, making a nice change from other tanning products.

If your an avid tanner who likes to be really dark instantly this isn’t the product for you.
If like me your a little scared to properly ‘tan’ because you don’t have the confidence or you want something more natural and gradual than this is the product for you.
Ive used the product for around a week and I can certainly notice a difference, my skin looks healthier and glowing like I’ve had a weekend away.
This product is natural, slow developing and easy to apply and that makes me love it so much.
Im incredibly pale usually so have always found tanning products a little intimidating and presumed I would love patchy, streaky and overdone. But not with this product, this product makes me feel fantastic about myself.

Have you tried the St.Tropez in shower Gradual Tan lotion? What do you think?
What are you tanning go to’s?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x


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