July Beauty Favourites!

Hey Internet Friends,
This is actually my first ever beauty ‘favourites’ post and I am ridiculously excited to share it with you! These are the products I have absolutely been loving through the month of July.
I like to try and keep my make up more neutral and natural throughout the summer months and these are the products I have been using and loving.
If you read my blog, some of these products you will expect and some of them you might not.
Lets get cracking shall we…

Brush of the Month
Scultping BrushSculpting Brush Real Techniques.
I absolutely love this brush and as I’ve mentioned it before it has changed my foundation game probably forever! It makes blending absolutely easy and my skin looks completely flawless afterwards.
Its also great for its designed purpose of contouring, it makes the job super easy and all blends beautifully for a really natural finish.
Not to mention, its a very good looking brush, it feels nice to hold and it holds its shape brilliantly after washing. If your going to buy one new brush anytime soon, please let it be this one!

Boi ing Industrial Strength Concealer
I know what your thinking, HollyPop why are you spending so much money on concealer when there are so many amazing ones at lower prices?
And your right! However this product is a little pot of miracles, look how much I love it, its at the Pan!
This product works for covering blemishes and hiding dark circles, the application is creamy and immediately gives brilliant coverage, this product is also anti-bacterial meaning it is really good for troubled area.
Top tip for this product, if you warm it between your hands before application it goes on a lot smoother and you barely have to blend at all.

Bronze Blush and Highlight
Contour PaletteRevolution Make Up Contour Kit.
I bought this on a bit of a whim because I couldnt believe it would be any good for such a small price. Gosh, was I wrong!
The highlight especially in this kit is absolutely beautiful and perfect for adding a little sparkle to your skin. I really am glad I picked it up as I think its perfect for summer months.

Nail Varnish
Barry MBarry M Gelly Nail Paint in Chai
Im loving the more neutral colours for my nails recently purely because my dermatitis is being horrible to me so I don’t like drawing attention to my hands but I feel so weird without nail polish on!
The colour pay off from this product is actually amazing for a light colour, it only needs two coats to be fully covered and the shine from it is absolutely stunning.
A very elegant colour that goes with everything.

Pink PlaidPink Plaid Matte by Mac
Ive spoken about this a lot this month, purely because I found it so hard to find the perfect nude matte lipstick and when I did find this I was so incredibly happy.
I absolutely love this colour and feel it really completes a natural make up look and the matte finish really allows the eye make up to pull full focus in any look.
Also, this like all mac lipsticks is highly pigmented with incredible longevity. Im talking half a day with drinking and eating in between. Absolutely brilliant!

So guys, what products have you been loving this month?

Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned, what did you think to them? 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x x


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