Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation : First Impressions & Mac Store experience.

Hey Internet Friends,
So in my payday haul (can be read HERE) I showed you all that I picked up the Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation from Mac. Now, my little beauty addicts this is a rather big deal for me. I’ve been fancying a Mac foundation for the longest time but always wondered about the price tag and if they would really live up to the hype. So,Lets find out shall we…


My experience at the Mac Store. 
My local Mac counter is in a department store and this may come as a surprise to some of you but I really do find going to the Mac counter so intimidating!
Everything being hidden away in draws whilst beautiful make up artists glare at me isn’t my idea of a relaxing shopping experience.
However on this visit I knew what I was going for, I applied my full face of make up before visiting the store and walked in there with full confidence.
I spoke to a lovely MUA who gladly matched me based on what I said I wanted.
My specifications were fairly simple, I wanted a fairly matte finish that would give me medium to build able coverage and last all day.
She recommended the Studio Fix Fluid and once feeling it applied along my jaw line I took her up on the suggestion.
On paying for the foundation they told me that the foundation didn’t come with a pump and I would have to buy one separately. Annoying but a lot of higher end brands are doing this so I didn’t mind too much.


Formulation and Consistency
The foundation is a fairly thick liquid and a little seems to go a long way.
The formula is silicone based which is always handy.
The product offers a medium build able coverage, although this isn’t my usual full coverage I have had no problem covering imperfections and redness.
The silicone based formula means that the product is easy to blend and doesn’t set too quickly which is nice if like me you plan on going back to your face after doing perhaps a smokey eye with a lot of fall down.
My shade is NW13 meaning that this product has a pink undertone, although this isn’t obvious once applied.

DSC01007The Pros
Lasts at least 8 hours being outdoors and doing various activities.
Allows you to build the product and doesn’t set too quickly so blending makes for the perfect finish.
Photographs like a dream, great for if your always taking photographs for blog posts! haha.
Easy to apply especially with the Real Techniques expert face brush.
Really does match my skin colour.
Doesn’t leave my skin looking cake or thick with product.
Dries to a semi matte finish so actually looks like skin and not too artificial!

The cons
No no, Im over it. Honestly.
You have to let it dry fully before applying a finishing powder or you will end up looking a bit uneven and cakey. But you cant have buildable and re-workable if the formulation was any different.
Why did it cost me so much? I know Im going to get my moneys worth, but it still looks very sad on my bank statement.
It smells weird, admittedly not for very long but for the entire time Im applying it I cant help but be reminded of painted walls.

I just wanted to share with you my first impressions of this foundation, just because it has so much hype and I was so excited to try it.

Have you tried Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation? What do you think?

Also, what are your favourite Mac Foundations?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x x


10 thoughts on “Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation : First Impressions & Mac Store experience.

  1. lucieleannexo says:

    I really love first impressions posts! MAC Studio fix is my favourite base at the moment, admittedly the smell is a little odd but I just love it’s lasting power. I must admit as well I do find it quite intimidating going to the MAC counter, the staff aren’t as approachable as some other make up brands! xx

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  2. holapaolabeauty says:

    MAC is always intimidating to me! It is so much better when a nice artist approaches you and is fun. I have yet to try a liquid foundation. I have bought a few mineralized powders but never the actual foundation. It’s so much more intimidating going in when you know you have to get matched.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hollypopmatthews says:

      I completely agree. I went in with such preparation so I wouldnt have to let them convince me of what I needed. I did this by using the Mac online chat and told the person on the online chat about what coverage I wanted and what finish I wanted like matte or dewy. He suggested a few products to me that may be appropriate so when I went to the Mac counter I mentioned the products he said and told her again about the coverage and finish so it made it a lot less intimidating as I already had a basic knowledge. 🙂 x


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