Lush Cupcake Face Mask

Hey Internet Friends,
Today I have been trying a lovely new face mask (well, new to me anyways) called Cupcake from Lush. This face mask is marketed at oily teenage skin types however I wouldn’t let that stop you trying this product, if you ask me this product would suit all skin types who really just wants a deep clean and refreshed skin.

DSC01128A little bit about the product
Like all Lush skin masks, cupcake comes in the sustainable packaging that lush use, this packaging can be collected and exchanged in store once you have 5 empties for a new skin mask. A nice little bonus!
The Price is £6.50 a pot but you get around 4 applications from one pot of this product I would estimate.
The key active ingredient is Rhassoul mud and cocoa powder that is suggested to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give a really deep cleanse.
These ingredients are complimented by using Fresh mint to stimulate and tone skin with linseed and cocoa butter to really moisturise.
This product must also be kept in the fridge.

This mask was so unbelievably thick! It genuinely felt like I was applying a super thick chocolate spread onto my face which made it really tricky to not use too much product.
Because of the cocoa ingredients the smell of this product is absolutely divine, it made me so hungry and it really felt like a massive treat and a luxury product.
Like most Masks from Lush this mask sets hard making it a nightmare to wash off, the entire bottom of my shower cubicle was brown afterwards.
But thats a small price to pay for how amazing this product made my skin feel.

beforeafterThe Results
My skin instantly felt softer with a more even skin tone, the skin was noticeably more smooth and matte without feeling dry.
It actually felt super moisturised!
I honestly cant stop stroking my face because it just feels so amazing.
I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase this regularly as a ‘treat’ face mask as it really does feel luxurious.

Have you tried Cupcake? What did you think?

Whats your favourite skin mask? I love recommendations!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x x

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