My GO TO Make up collection and Storage

Hey Internet Friends,

This just like my Brush Collection this is a post that I have always wanted to share with you since starting this blog and Im excited to finally do so.
I love having my go to products right next to where I get ready and feel its easier to create looks quickly with my favourite products at the time and not have to rummage about searching for the products I want.

My draws are organised by the following categories: Face, Eyes, Lips and Nails and finally skincare.
Hope you enjoy this post, if you have any questions about any of the products please let me know in the comments.

Make Up full in draws

Face Draw
facedrawTop Left is Primer : Pore fessional primer, The Body Shop insta blur, No7 Primer
Top Right Foundation: No7 beautifully matte, Mac Studio Fix Fluid, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.
Blushers: Sleek x2, Revolution contour palette, Bourjois blush
Rimmel Bronzer
Bottom Right: Boi ing Concealer, Wake me up concealer, Collection concealer, No7 concealer.
The blushers and bronzers are really the only things in here I change from time to time, the rest I feel are staples.
Top Picks would be Boi ing Concealer, Mac Studio Fix Fluid and Body Shop Insta Blur

Eye Draw
Palettes: Revolution Iconic 3, Naked 2 & 3, No7 limited edition palette.
Benefit Brow Zing – This will never leave this draw as I love it too much
Benefit Roller Lash – I plan on reviewing this fully soon!
No7 Mascara X2
Eyeliners & Eyebrow Pencil in various brands but mostly rimmel.
Tweezers & Pencil Sharpeners.
The things in here rarely change aside from when I have something new I want to try.
Top Picks would be Naked 3, Benefit Brow Zing & Benefit Roller Lash
Nails & Lips


Collection of Barry M nail paints, I change the nail varnishes in here when the seasons change so I know that my nail paint will always be in keeping with my make up looks.
Emery Board – I prefer the big spongey type ones.
Nail Clippers – I rarely use these but if I move them from this draw my fiancé cant find them and presumes there lost forever and buys more.
Rimmel Lip Liner
Selection of lipsticks again changed by season with some nude staples.
Brands include Rimmel, No7 and Mac
Top Picks would be Mac Please Me Matte lipstick, Barry M ballerina nail paint and Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107

These get moved around a lot more than the other draws as I have to change it based on my skincare needs at that time.
Body Shop Body Butters Olive, Cocoa Limited edition, Morginga
Body Shop Hand Cream in white musk – Miracle product.
Nivea face cream
Nivea Daily moisturiser – Got this on offer at Tesco for £1!!!
Benefit moisturiser
Top Picks include the cocoa butter body butter, Nivea daily moisturiser and the Body Shop Hand Cream

This post ended up so much harder then I thought it would be! Photographing inside draws is INCREDIBLY Difficult. Hence the out of draw photos too – Much easier! I hope you enjoyed it and if you decide to do a post similar to this please tag me in it as I LOVE posts like this.

Also any products you would love to hear more about in a full post please let me know?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxxx


5 thoughts on “My GO TO Make up collection and Storage

  1. aletheatrenter8 says:

    i love the draws you have there so cute, and the way there labeled!
    I love body shop products to, I’m a home constant so i get so many products but its nice to see someone who also likes body shop its a name i rarely see on blogs!
    do you like the benefit moisturiser? i used it twice and i came up in a reaction both times, i was gutted as i heard good things about the benefit skincare range and the bottles are cute they remind me of science equipment!

    lovely blog as always, i love reading your blog 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • hollypopmatthews says:

      Eurghhh don’t even get me started on that moisturiser! Im trying my best to like it, but it stings my eyes, its smells weird and I just cant!

      Firstly, Thank you so much for your lovely comment, its things like this that make me feel so passionate about this blog.
      I absolutely love The Body Shop! I have a serious addiction, its actually a bit out of control. I always write about it on different posts and honestly, just like an excuse to bring it up in conversation. Hahah!
      Thanks for stopping by! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • aletheatrenter8 says:

        i just couldn’t get on with the benefit skin care range, so i stick to the body shop vitamin e range! never had any problems with it. sometimes its best to stick to what you know! i would really like to try the dermalogica brand but it seems bit confusing!
        I must admit i am bit of a body shop addict myself!
        aw no its okay i do enjoy your blog!! x


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