Urban Decay Smoky : UK Store release

Hey Internet Friends,

So today was a very exciting day, today was the day I got my hands on the Naked Smoky palette, as I have previously told you I was lucky enough to be invited to the event at my local debenhams store and if you were hoping for a glowing review of the event you are going to be disappointed…

I got to the store at my agreed time of four o’clock to find out what was happening and aside from a small stack of the smoky palettes the counter looked absolutely no different than usual. I asked the MUA what would be happening and her response was “well we can try it out on you or you can just buy it”, her attitude was a little disappointing as I had been so excited! I told her about the supposed event I thought I was attending for her to say that wasn’t till 7:30pm and all that was happening was they were going to show different looks you could achieve with the palette. So I decided with the lack of enthusiasm from the staff and the general none happenings that I wasn’t interested in staying. I had been on the list to attend this for a long time so I was incredibly disappointed if Im honest!

DSC01350She did however tell me that if I bought another Urban Decay product she could give me a bunch of free samples, I decided to purchase the Primer potion as this Naked palette didn’t come with one like 2 & 3.
She gave me a lipgloss sample, Naked Skin foundation sample, another primer potion and a Naked Blushed Sample, I absolutely love samples so this was incredibly exciting for me!

The palette itself comes with a little double sided leaflet to give a small tutorial into getting different styles of smokey eye, a new double ended brush more suitable for blending and with softer bristles and the 12 shadow palette.


Unlike the other Naked palettes this one is organised by the amount of shimmer in the eyeshadows.
The shades are as follows:

High – Champagne Shimmer (New Shade)
Dirtysweet- Bronze Shimmer (New Shade)
Radar- Metallic Taupe Shimmer
Armor- Metallic Silver Taupe
Slanted -Light Grey Metallic (New)
Dagger-Medium Charcoal Shimmer (New)
Black Market- Black Satin
Smolder – Deep Plum (New)
Password – Cool Matte (New)
Whiskey – Brown Matte (New)
Combust Soft Pink (New)
Thirteen- Light Satin (New)
I couldnt wait to try out this palette and as soon as I got home I set to work doing one side of my face a dark evening eye and one side a light day time look.
Dark tones with lots of blending and a red lip to compliment
A more daytime appropriate look for everyday with a nude lip.
I hope you enjoyed this little post about the Naked Smoky Palette, I was so excited to receive it and wanted to share all about it with you guys!

Have you tried the new smoky palette yet? What did you think?

Speak Soon,
HollyPop xxx

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