Hair Dye: Red Hair Process

Hey Internet Friends,

Since I was about 11 and my Grandma took me to get streaks in my hair I have always been a little obsessed with having the brightest and most different hair you could find. During my teens I made it my mission to have different hair nearly every few weeks and it become a massive talking point with all my friends and something I was really known for. Nowadays I have to pick more appropriate colours for jobs and generally be taken serious as an adult, If I had my way it would still be as bright as possible but employers don’t tend to be as enthusiastic about crazy hair.


Today I want to talk to you about the process involved in dying my hair its current Red Colour. As I type this I am sat with the first stage developing on my head. I am joined throughout all processes by my lovely Fiancé who by now is a hair dying pro!

The First Stage: Permanent Colour
DSC01411The first stage involves using a permanent dye, I prefer to use the Schwarzkopf Live XXL colour in the shade Hypnotic Red. I love these schwarzkopft colours but I do feel for a permanent dye they fade really quickly. But more on that later in Stage 2.

You first have to mix the colour creme into the application fluid, this product comes with a handy bottle for application so it causes little mess.
You then shake to give a good consistency to the product and allow for smooth application.
My fiancé or glamorous assistant of your choice then applied the product all over my hair concentrating on the roots and working through to the end.
Wait for 45 minutes, applying heat from a hairdryer periodically.
Rinse under a luke warm shower
(A cold shower is better for locking in colour but I am just not brave enough!)

The Second Stage: Semi Perminant
I alternate between semi permanent colours as I like to try new products for this, I always choose a vegetable based dye as it less harsh for your hair. I have tried directions, panic manic and stargazer amongst others but this time I am using the Bleach London I saw Red dye.
I apply these after the initial application and then about every few weeks until it is time for a root touch up, this keeps my hair looking vibrant, shiny and healthy. I cant stand dull coloured hair!
he process for this is super simple and thats why I do it myself rather than asking my glamorous accident. Apart from to take photos obviously.
I apply to wet hair using gloved hands and massage everywhere.
I then simply sit and wait for about half an hour.

After that I rinse under lukewarm water and apply a strong deep conditioner.


I absolutely love having freshly dyed hair, I instantly feel better about myself and more confident.

What hair colours instantly cheer you up?

Do you have any hair dying tips and ticks for me?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Where to buy dyes
Bleach London I saw Red –

Schwarzkopf Hypnotic Red –


Let me know what you think?

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