Benefit Roller Lash: Worth the hype?

Hey Internet Friends,

In a recent haul post I showed you that I had purchased the infamous benefit roller lash.
Now, I have fancied this product for a fair while after reading about it in blogs and watching people use in on youtube so when I got it I was under the impression that all my lash dreams would come true. So lets find out shall we?


Product Information
The benefit Roller Lash is heavily influenced by retro hair rollers and suggests that the Mascara will work in the same way. The wand is designed to grip the eyelashes and curl whilst pulling them upwards and coating them in black.
The product also contains Provitamin B5 and Serin to condition lashes and hold for unto 12 hours.
The actual brush end is a lot smaller than other Benefit Mascara so in theory should lead to less smudges and annoying blobs. In theory. 


The way benefit suggest you apply the mascara is to gently wiggle the wand from base of lashes to tip. Repeat across your lashline, making sure to catch every lash.
I will warn you if you don’t gently wiggle the mascara and gently sweep upwards whilst wiggling you will get clumpy lashes. The application I originally found difficult because I don’t think I wiggled enough.
So ladies, the trick is in the wiggle!

On skin Example
mascara free


My thoughts
Do I think this is a good Mascara?
Yes I do, but I think you need a certain level of skill to get the desired results, if you just go right ahead and use this like any other mascara you will be disappointed but if you remember to be patient, take things slow and wiggle you should be impressed by this mascara.

Would I repurchase?
Honestly, probably not. I feel for the price tag you can get a lot better mascara’s with more impressive results that you don’t have to work super hard to achieve.
Im glad I purchased it and I have enjoyed trying it and figuring the product out but I don’t think I would consider it a staple to my collection.
Sorry Benefit.

Hope you enjoyed this little product review. I certainly enjoyed making it and trying out this mascara.

Have you tried Roller Lash? What did you think?

What other Mascara’s have you tried that you think the world of?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


8 thoughts on “Benefit Roller Lash: Worth the hype?

  1. littlebeautyloves says:

    I love They’re Real by Benefit, so I’m always curious how their other mascaras work. I’m glad you reviewed this, you do see some added length in your after photo – but I agree, it’s not enough to suggest a repurchase. Great review!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aletheatrenter8 says:

    love this, i was going to purchase so thank you for the review.
    i know its a lot of hassle but my new holy grail mascara is the younique fibre lash (but i think any fibre lash mascara will do the trick) do check it out! id love to hear your opinion on this! x

    Liked by 1 person

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