Whats in my bag : Blood Donation version

Hey Internet Friends,

On Monday I had the wonderful privilege to do something amazing, I donated a pint of blood that will hopefully go towards saving a life! This was my second donation and something that I really want to continue with, however it does leave me feeling a little rubbish so I haven’t really been up for messing around with make up and feeling all glamorous.
So today, I thought it might be nice if we got to know each other a little better by me talking about whats in my everyday handbag!
They say you can learn a lot from a woman by whats in her bag, so lets find out what you can learn about me?

The Bag
The bag itself is a Radley Cross Body bag, its light and small so doesn’t feel a burden to carry. It has a large zip pocket in the centre and a small zip pocket at the bag.
Unfortunately Radley have discontinued this bag but you can get a similar one here: http://www.radley.co.uk/millbank-165126/

Whats in my Bag?
Im going to talk you through everything a little more but all the contents of my bag isn’t a lot as I like to travel light whenever possible. 
Ive got my purse, two lip balms, hand sanitiser, Mac Lipstick, Blood Donation information, iPhone 5C, Notepad & Pen, Keys and some Mints. 
What more does a girl need?

Blood Donation
These are some of the leaflets I was given when I donated blood. I choose to donate blood because there isn’t many ways I can easily contribute to a greater cause, I don’t have a lot of money so thats charity out of the window and I don’t have any spare time as such that I can offer to volunteer. It literally takes less than an hour with a tiny amount of bruising and it could save someones life! Not to mention you get free biscuits!!
If your interested in donating or want to find out a bit more about it then please comment I will let you know a bit more about it or offer advice.

Keys & Phone
Iphone 5c. As a graphic designer I am a little bit too loyal to Apple, so it makes sense for me to have the iPhone to go with everything else. Not to mention the camera quality is brilliant and its super easy to use.
My Keys are a little excessive, I mean I only need two keys to get into my flat, the rest is just keyring.
The keyring are two loyalty cards, a trolley pound, a penguin, a nissan key ring (I don’t even have a car!) and my blood donation keyring that has my blood type on it.

Health & Beauty
Hand Sanitiser because you just never know!
Two Lip balms, Rose by Vaseline for a slight tiny and nivea essential care for quick and easy moisture.
Mints because nobody wants to be caught out after eating something a bit strong in flavour and feeling paranoid.
Mac Lipstick – This changes daily but at the minute its Please Me Matte. I find this a beautiful pinky nude that will compliment most make up looks.

Notepad & Pen
Now, I have to always carry a notepad and pen because I am probably the most forgetful person in the entire world. I love having this with me as if there is anything I need to remember from shopping lists to blog ideas I can write it down straight away and I usually don’t forget that way.
The Notepad is from Paperchase and its pretty beautiful and thin so perfect for this bag.

My purse
My purse is also by Radley and was a gift from my glamorous gran, she absolutely loves Radley and my love for the brand is simply an inheritance.
The contents of my purse are unfortunately 7% Money and the rest Loyalty Cards.
You name a shop and Ive got the loyalty card!
Boots, Superdrug, body shop, debenhams beauty, paperchase, Nandos, Taco bell, WaterStones, Tesco, Pets at home and weirdly one for an underwear shop.
I have a shopping addiction. Send help.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a tiny bit more about me and my real life.

What things do you have in your bag that you just couldnt live without?!

Have you guys ever thought of Donating blood? 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx


8 thoughts on “Whats in my bag : Blood Donation version

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great post! I think that’s so awesome that you donated blood. I never can even do that myself because of meds that I take which is unfortunate. However I was a nationally certified phlebotomist before and enjoyed drawing it very much! lol. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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