Products I regret buying….

Hey Internet Friends,

Today I want to dive out of my bubble of positivity and jump straight into the world of products I regret buying. Theres nothing worse in this world than being really excited about buying a product and then using it to find out it just isn’t that good, or one thing about it just puts you off. This doesn’t happen to me often, as a massive beauty product fan I generally love everything I buy.
But these are just a few products that I own (because I’m a massive product hoarder who never throws anything away) that I do regret buying.

Nivea Express Hydration Primer
Im a massive fan of Nivea moisturiser so when I came across this product I was excited.
This product should be a dream solution to both moisturise and prime your face at once however it really just works as a moisturiser.
This doesn’t keep my make up in place at all, I may as well have just put moisturiser on and gone straight for make up.
Probably best to just stick to what you know Nivea. Sorry.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR
I bought this in the shade Immortal Charcoal, and I believe this was my first mistake.
Its not really a colour that I wear on its own but I thought it would work lovely as a base and blend super nice for an easy smokey eye.
This product does not blend well and when applied with a brush it goes on super thick and reminds me of the first time I tried to do my own make up.
I would however like to try this colour in a gold or rose tone as I think it would be more wearable. Hopefully.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in Stormy Grey
I own this eye pencil in black and its brilliant, I also use the Rimmel eyebrow pencil daily and thats brilliant but this little beast is completely different!
Its pigmentation is not good and it just smudges all over the place making it a nightmare on the waterline.
I’ve tried my best to love this but I just cant.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon
Eurgh. This is just awful, there are no good points. I had it for two days and the crayon just fell out of the holder, it doesn’t leave a matte finish, its a sheen at best.
And it tastes disgusting!
Id avoid this if I was you.
Super Sorry Barry M.

Lush Cosmetic Warrior
The first time I tried this I absolutely loved it but after a few days the smell got worse and worse every time I used it. The garlic in it is just too strong and honestly, if it didn’t count as one of my pots to get a free facemark from Lush Id have probably thrown the whole damn thing away.
It does do great things for your skin but the smell is just too hard to get over.

Hope you enjoyed this little post about products I regret buying, hopefully you can live from my mistakes!

Have you got any products you really regret buying?

Do you love any of the products that I really don’t?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


14 thoughts on “Products I regret buying….

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Great honest post, so sorry these products didn’t work out for you 😦 That Lush face mask sounds awful with the lingering smell… can’t imagine how pungent that must have been. Will defintely avoid it – I’ve just bought the BB Seaweed so fingers crossed it’s not so bad 🙂 Karen xo


  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Love these types of posts! I could never really get the Maybelline Color Tattoos to work that well for me. I don’t know why but they just aren’t THAT great for me. Everyone seems to love them though. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. juicyredbeautyblog says:

    So, I own the color tattoo cream shadow in a gold shade and I loved it when I first got it. It was really creamy and blended well. Now unfortunately I notice when I use it it’s very hard to blend, and it’s kinda flakey. IDK if it got old or whatever but ugh. And that Rimmel’s eyeliner. I have the waterproof version in black and it sucks really bad. Makes a mess of my eyes everytime I use it. And I will NEVER put it in my waterline again. Sorry for the little rant lol, but I share your disdain with these products.

    Liked by 1 person

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