My Boyfriend does my Make Up Tag

Hey Internet Friends,

Everyones done this tag and everyone enjoys watching or in this case reading about it.
I asked my fiancé if he could do my make up for this blog and he very kindly agreed, now contrary to what you may think my boyfriend knows NOTHING about make up, he never watches me do my make up and he certainly doesn’t wear any.
Tomorrow I will be posting me doing his make up as sweet sweet revenge!

Now without anymore rambling, lets get started!

Products used
Now you’d think with the products used that this might turn out pretty good right? Yeah, keep reading.

Step 1 Face Base
As you can see, Jay isn’t a massive fan of blending foundation.
He also probably won’t make it as Kim K’s make up artist as his contour is a little erm, pink.
He did however use all the right brushes so 10 points for that!

Step 2 Eyebrows & Eyeshadow
Jay isn’t a massive fan of really defined eyebrows like I usually have so Im not surprised they look untouched.
The eyeshadow however, how do you even manage to make UD Smoky look like it has zero pigment?
I did however learn that he prefers matte eyeshadows, so thats something to bare in mind for our next date night 😉

Step 3 Finishing Touches – Lips and Eyes
I feel like Ive been involved in a Jenna Marbles drunk make up tutorial!
My fiancé is insanely scared of eyes so that explains the eyeliner.
The rest I have no excuses for.
Least he chose a nice colour for the lips!

The finished result!

Hope you enjoyed this guys and it make you laugh!
As you can see, I probably won’t be hiring Jay as a makeup artist anytime soon but points for being a good sport and giving it a try!
In all seriousness though friends, you can learn a lot about how your boyfriend feels about make up from doing this. I learnt that Jay prefers more natural eyebrows, a matte eyeshadow and a red lip.
He won’t always get what he wants, but maybe from time to time?

Same time tomorrow for me doing his make up!

See you tomorrow at 6pm.

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

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