I do my boyfriends Make Up Tag

Hey Internet Friends,

As promised todays post is me doing my fiances make up.
He wasn’t very happy about it, but he’s a good sport so he let me do my thing.
DISCLAIMER – Jay is pretty terrified of having things near his eyes so there is no eyeliner and very little mascara because he puts up a right fight!

Products Used
Step 1 Face Base
As you can see from these photos, he wasn’t  enjoying himself, but I was!
I did a blended foundation base with bronze and blush. I especially enjoyed the blush!

Step 2 Brows & Eyes
Look at them eyebrows! I mean, I like a thick brow but that just takes the biscuit!
Used the UD Smoky palette for the eyes, mostly shimmers because I think they’re pretty.

Finishing Touches
Mascara was where the fighting really started, I was swearing and he was complaining. But after the lipstick where he started to feel real pretty it all got a lot better. hahaha!

The finished result
Personally I think he looks absolutely beautiful.
He however, wiped it off 20 seconds later.

If you enjoyed this little post and it made you laugh you should check out yesterdays post when Jay did my make up!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx



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