Hair Miracle : Roots Hair Mask by Lush

Hey Internet Friends,

Ive found a miracle, practically sent from god amazing product that has solved all my haircare needs. I am in love and ready to marry this product.

I am of course talking about…
Roots Hair Treatment from Lush

The problem I had with my hair is that it gets greasy, flat and dull in about a day no matter what I do. The main reason for this is I have a very awful habit that I just cant break is playing with my hair, I also have an annoyingly greasy scalp.

This product has fixed this issue instantly. I have been using it for around three weeks and my hair is full of volume, looks amazing and doesn’t get greasy as quickly.
To use this product you simply apply it to the roots and work through to the ends of the hair. I leave it on for around 15-25 minutes and love the slight tingly feeling you get from the peppermint, it certainly wakes me up in the morning! I then rinse thoroughly in the shower and use my usual shampoo and a tiny tiny bit of conditioner.
The consistency of this isn’t like a clay hair mask, its more of a gel like substance that means it doesn’t feel annoying or tight when applied.
Another thing worth mentioning is how much product you get for your money, I have used this treatment every other day for three weeks and still have half a pot left, frankly for any kind of hair treatment that is wonderful.
The amount of compliments I have received since using this product has been lovely and I genuinely just feel a lot better about the condition of my hair and how tameable it is.

Hope you enjoyed this little post, I just love this treatment so much I desperately wanted to share it with you.
Have you tried any Lush hair treatments, what did you think?

I love finding new products to improve my hair, recommendations always welcome?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


6 thoughts on “Hair Miracle : Roots Hair Mask by Lush

  1. lovefromhamburg says:

    I love lush products! I haven’t tried this, but I love the ‘Big’ shampoo – it has large sea salt flakes in it which I love as this does the same job as salt sprays but without leaving your hair all crispy – and it also smells amazing! xx

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