Fiancès Birthday Prep : Salon Visit, New Hoola Bronzer & Brush set.

Hey Internet Friends,

This weekend is absolutely crazy for me because its my fiancès birthday on sunday. I needed to get my nails done, my eyebrows, get an outfit, bring his presents round from my parents where Ive been hiding them and then my bronzer brush decided to kill itself last night. Great!
Because a lot of these things are beauty related I thought we could have a little chat about them if thats ok?

Salon Visit : Eyebrows
As you can see from the above before photo my eyebrows were desperate for some TLC so I made an appointment with my usual salon to see the lovely Ellie and get them sorted.
Ellie first tinted my eyebrows, I let her choose the colour because her eyebrows are beautiful and I completely trust her to make the right decision. She then waxed the stray hairs away and plucked them to really define the shape.
I find having my eyebrows shaped and tinted makes a real difference to my morning routine and saving me so much time when it comes to getting them filled in to match.

Salon Visit: Nails
There was absolutely nothing wrong with my nails before but I do like them longer and a bit more special for occasions like peoples birthdays and times when I will be seeing a lot of people, like this weekend.
I had my nails done at the same place, Twistys in Sheffield. There a wonderful family run salon who always have a good laugh and make you feel really welcome. You can find their Facebook page HERE
The lady who did my nails Jackie uses a silk wrap method (I think its called) and then dips them in acrylic to make sure they’re extra durable. I could honestly watch her do this all day as it involves such skill its honestly unbelievable. She can obviously do some really fancy things with nails but I prefer mine a bit plainer and just like the added length and chip proof polish.
The colour used here was Barry M Bright Pink with a gel top coat.

New Hoola Bronzer : A present from Jay!
Ive drove Jay insane talking about this bronzer, I look at it everytime I go to the benefit counter, Ive watched all the tutorials, read all the reviews and I wanted it desperately. I just couldnt justify the price tag so when I was in boots looking at a new bronzer brush Jamie snuck off and bought me this. So Happy I could have cried, thats when you know their marriage material!
The packaging is beautiful and it comes with a handy little brush, that I admit I will probably never use because I like a more full powder type brush.
The good thing about Benefit Hoola bronzer is that it has hardly any orange tones so is perfect for pale skin and has a matte finish making it great for everyday use.
Thanks Jay!

Face Brush Set: Real Techniques
I know what your thinking! I don’t need another brush set and your right I don’t. But I did need a new bronzing brush and this set was on offer in boots for £10.99 around the same price as one bronzer brush so why wouldnt I purchase this?
This real techniques set is called The Core Collection and contains:
detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish

So as part of this collection I can have a new bronzer brush and a few other staples to add to my collection. And all for £10.99! Winner!
For a look at the rest of my brush collection click HERE

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post, Wednesdays post will probably be a little bit about how I did my make up for Jays Birthday because a special occasion calls for special make up but we shall see.

What makes you feel really great for a special occasion?

Have you tried Hoola yet? What did you think?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Twistys Sheffield:
Benefit Hoola:
Real Techniques Core Collection:


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