Bonus Post: A few of My Tattoos

Hey Internet Friends,

So in this bonus post I wanted to talk to you a little bit about my tattoos, Im not tattoo crazy by any means but I do have four tattoos and I love them dearly. 3 out of 4 were done by the wonderful Joseph Bryan at Tenacious Tattoo in Sheffield who specialises in the style I love, black and white dot work and its those I want to talk to you about today as there my absolute favourites. The fourth tattoo although a lovely tattoo just doesnt matter to me as much as it should.

Tattoo Meanings
Ok, now Im going to say something that some people won’t like. But in my opinion Tattoos don’t have to mean something, they don’t have to be ridiculously personal and tell an amazing story about your life. Sometimes they can just look pretty and be a design you like and thats ok.
Really only two of my tattoos have real meaning and in then I don’t take those too seriously, tattoos for me are about expression and beautiful designs. There is nothing wrong with anyone wanting an incredibly personal tattoo but for me, its just not about that.

My leg tattoos.
leg tattoo
I had the kraken (left) done first and it was my first ‘real’ tattoo, I was there for about 6 hours as at this point Joseph was still in the apprentice stage of his career.
I went in with a design for Joseph and he created this absolute beauty. The reason I love it too much is because its unique to me, its something that people remember me for so it make perfect sense to get it a little friend.

The Jellyfish was a complete creation born by Joseph and I simply offered him my leg as a canvas. I love how this design is a little more feminine then the Kraken and the flowing lines really give it movement and make it feel pretty.

I honestly wouldnt change a single thing about either of them.

My foot tattoo
Everyone thought I was crazy for this one, including myself. I had a 13 tattooed to my foot, 13 has always been my lucky number and it is also the date Jay and I made our relationship official and it was also the date he proposed to me (although I didn’t know about that when I had it done).
But I seriously love this little guy, its the smallest of all my tattoos and the one i get the most joy from. Every single time I look at it I just get so much Joy!
Foot tattoos are supposed to fade really fast but the photograph on the right was the day I got it done and the one on the left was today, nearly a year later, so I don’t think its doing too bad.

I hope you enjoyed this quick bonus post about a few of my tattoos.

Do you guys have any Tattoos?

Do you plan on getting tattoos in the future?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Where to find Joseph Tenacious Tattoo:

Tenacious Tattoo Instagram:


5 thoughts on “Bonus Post: A few of My Tattoos

  1. Andi says:

    I love those sea creatures! I’ve always loved animals like octopuses and squid, and the kraken is definitely up there in my favorite mythical creatures! The black and white dot graphic is really beautiful for these!

    Liked by 1 person

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