False Eyelash Nemesis & Fiances Birthday Make Up Look.

Hey Internet Friends,

I have had what can only be described as a hectic few days, Ive had visits from family, my fiances birthday, nights out and enough visits to fishing shops to last anyone a lifetime! I bought Jay fishing equipment for his birthday so I was pleased that he wanted to share his passion with me and look around a few shops, especially seen as usually its him walking round make up shops with me!So in this post I want to show you my make up from Jays Birthday and talk to you a little bit about false eyelashes.

My Problem with False Eyelashes
Why are false eyelashes the only part of the beauty world I just can not do!
I can apply them just fine and they usually look pretty good, I just cant stand the look and feel of them on my eyelids at all. I feel like they obstruct my vision and make my eyes feel super heavy. But like any determined beauty fan I keep trying! My fiances birthday night out was another occasion where I designed my entire make up look around false lashes only to pull them off five minutes before I left the house. So thats it. I hereby call an end to my attempts of wearing false eyelashes. Im hanging up the towel with them.

Lets talk about make up. 
I really wanted my eyes to be the key feature for this look and stay with a subtle and natural skin base. The products I used are as follows:
I used a lot of my favourite products in this look including my Mac foundation, Hoola Bronzer, two naked palettes and my trusty Mac Liner and Matte Lipsticks.

The eye look for this was a golden smoky look mostly using the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette and one shade from Naked 2 to accent the corners.
I personally felt they looked really nice and the false eyelashes really added to the final POW of the look, but as I mentioned earlier, the eyelashes didn’t last long. I used the brown shimmer above the crease with a darker colour through the crease before blending black and silver over the lid. I felt this works with my paler skin tone to really make my blue eyes Pop!

The full face of my make up looked elegant and mature and was appropriate for the evening we had planned. I loved the simple contour effect I could achieve with my new Hoola Bronzer and really hope to do a fuller review on the product at some point as Im really impressed with it!
I finished the look with Mattes lipliner in anticipated and the Matte Lipstick that I must have mentioned before Please Me. I love this lipstick for a look focused on the eyes as it isn’t too bright but really enhances pale skin beautifully.

The evening we had planned involved a lovely meal at an indian restaurant in Sheffield called Aagrahs, I had a deliciously creamy vegetable korma with chapatis and Jamie had a mixed grill meal with pilau rice. After playing a few arcade games we then went to see John Green’s fault in our stars at Odeon Cinema.
Overall we had a lovely evening for Jays birthday and I was super pleased that my make up look stayed in place all night until I got home despite the rainy weather and all the eating and drinking throughout the evening.

Hope you enjoyed this post about my make up from the evening and a bit about what we got up too. It really was a lovely night and Im glad I get to share parts of it with you.

What are your beauty nemesis products?

Do you have a similar issue with fake eyelashes?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxxx


One thought on “False Eyelash Nemesis & Fiances Birthday Make Up Look.

  1. tamiramichelle says:

    Hi hun! You really just need to get the right kind of lashes for you, i will sometimes experiment with different brands and they just hands down wont work for me for some of the same issues you have with falsies, and i wear falsies just about every day. They make lightweight eye lashes and sometimes the glue can cause problems too, i never have issues with DUO glue. I use the white liquid one but they also have black and clear drying ones. The white seems to just dry clear as well. So, before you hang up the towel, check out some of these links to great ultra lightweight eyelashes that feel like you’re barely wearing anything atall:



    Also another quick tip, when your lashes are on & where they should be, allow the glue to get tacky to the point where your lashes wont move a whole lot if you go to touch them. Then, use your the side of your pointer fingers to sweep/press the false eyelashes in an upward position. Hold it there for a minute longer so the glue sets completely, and they should be positioned a bit more upwards, reaching up towards your eyebrows instead of being a balcony hanging over your eyes.



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