Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Hey Internet Friends,

Lets have a chat about an amazing product you know I bought recently, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer. This product has been around for a while and I know so many people have reviewed it already but its new to me and I’m excited about it, so shall we get started.

What Benefit Says:

Hoola is the No.1 selling Bronzer in the UK*
 Dust this soft bronze powder over your complexion for a healthy, natural looking “tan” year-round. No tanning bed necessary! Complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush. It’s pure colour – no sparkle and no shine!

In the Box
8g of product
A small application brush
A small mirror for application.

The overall size for this product is palm sized meaning it is convenient to carry around in make up bags or as part of any make up storage solutions.
The gorgeous tiki style print using bamboo really adds to the gorgeous aesthetics of the packaging and is a finishing touch I really appreciate.
The Mirror inside is probably my only little niggle with this product, I like to dust off excess powder in the lid and feel the mirror gets in the way of this. I hardly ever use the mirrors in cosmetic product anyway as I have a cosmetics mirror but I do understand why some people may find this useful.
TOP TIP: Keep the plastic cover that separates the brush and powder, this will help the brush to stay clean for longer and will stop the product becoming messy.
OVERALL: The packaging is truly beautiful and really adds to the special feel of this product and makes it a really nice addition to any collection.

DSC01949The Brush
Ok, usually when I get a product like this I just throw the applicator that comes with it, I have dozens of brushes so I never find a need for them.
But this one is really kind of handy for fitting in the cheekbones and along the jaw line, if you are new to bronzing you would probably find this a lot easier to work with than some of the brushes I will mention later for achieving a really defined look.
I don’t think this brush works well for a softer more blended look however.
I also don’t think this brush would stand the test of time, I imagine after a few washes some of the bristles would come loose and it would die a painful ugly death.
Overall: Its a free brush that comes with a product so don’t expect too much but for bronzer newbies it could be a great starting product.

DSC01957Pigmentation and Application
This bronzer unlike so many others offers a full matte finish without orange undertones – a rare find in the bronzer world.
It is also a really buildable product meaning that you can create both a soft natural look or really defined dramatic look, something I really value in a bronzer as I often find I need different bronzers for different make up looks but I have been using this solidly for a week with plenty of different looks and it has worked brilliantly every time.
The pigmentation of this is one of the best bronzers I have ever tried, I probably touch the product twice throughout the whole application so thats very impressive and it means your product will last a long time (so it should at this price)
Gorgeous silky finish means it looks polished over the top of both light and full coverage foundation.
DSC01977Brushes I recommend with this product
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush – This brush is great with this product if you want a really strong defined contour with a full heavy colour pay off. Also fits snuggly at the side of your nose and cheek bones for a defined sculpt (its in the name really)
Real Techniques Contour Brush – I use this for a soft fluttery sweeping glow that complements a golden or matte eyeshadow, small pointed brush that makes detailing with bronzer a breeze.
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – This brush is a real all rounded and works for foundation, bronzer, blush and powder (not all at once obviously) and is great for a warm glowing face rather than a defined contour.

DSC01935My Final Thoughts
I cant encourage you to buy this product enough! It takes all the fear out of bronzing, rids the days of looking like a cheesey Nacho or a swamp monster and is a true 5 star product.
I honestly cant remember what I did before I had this as part of my collection, its absolutely beautiful both the packaging and the product.
Ive literally worn it all week for a lot of different make up looks both day time and glam evening looks and its worked magnificently for both!
I was a little daunted by the price tag and that keep me lusting over it for so long without purchasing but I honestly wish Id have bought it sooner!!

I hope you found this little review useful.
Do you guys own the Hoola Bronzer?

How do you feel about it? Love it as much as me?

Speak Soon,


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