Autumn Nail Colours : Barry M

Hey Internet Friends,

So autumn (or fall depending on where your from) is officially upon us meaning we can wear our comfy clothes, overstock on chapstick, watch films with hot chocolates and crack out those berry and neutral tones. Ohhh autumn faithful friend, how I’ve missed you!
Today I plan on talking to you about some Barry M nail colours I think will be perfect for autumn…

DSC02046My colour choices are mostly berry tones and neutrals as I think they are the most complimentary throughout autumn. The berry tones will compliment the lipsticks or blush I plan to wear and the neutrals will compliment most of my outfit choices throughout autumn.
My brand of choice as always for these is Barry M, there super cost effective and have a great colour pay off and shine.
The Gelly range they offer is also really long lasting and tough and for my job thats a super important quality for any nail polish.
The colours featured from Left to Right are: Ballerina, Cappuccino, Bright Purple, Chai & Pomegranate

On Nail Examples
I find this the perfect nude/neutral colour and I must admit I wear it all year round but it is especially beautiful for autumn as its incredibly complimentary to any outfit, my nude lipsticks that I usually wear for work and my pale complexion.
The above application is two coats with a base coat and no top coat for the sake of this blog post, usually to increase hardness I would apply a top coat too.

I think nearly everyone in the beauty community would suggest a lovely berry colour for autumn, while this is a berry tone it is also a colour that has a little extra brightness and because it is part of the Gelly range its incredibly shiny and tough.
I love this colour however due to how truly bright it is I only tend to wear it when I don’t have to be at work for a few days.

This is the colour I am currently wearing and I LOVE it, the perfect neutral tone that works with every single thing I wear and really makes my nails look pretty and sophisticated.
This is also part of the High Shine Gelly range and you can really really tell.
I can wear this anywhere for any occasion and feel great about myself.

Hope you enjoyed this little post, I know I enjoyed writing it.

What colours are you loving for nails throughout Autumn?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxxx


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