Benefit Holiday Gift Sets 2015 : Real Cheeky Party

Hey internet friends,

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but exciting things are happening in our favourite make up stores over the next few weeks! The counters are starting to get their holiday gift sets on display and let me tell you there isn’t much more in this world that excites me more than that!
You really can get some amazing value bargains in gift sets and don’t you dare feel any shame for buying them for yourself!
Today I want to talk to you about Benefits range that I saw them put up in my local stores today, and about the gift set I purchased from the range.

titleThe majority of the benefit christmas gift sets seem to be focused around the idea of party make up and feeling extra special! Some gift sets contain a full face of make up where as some are for specialist areas like lips, cheeks and eyes so their is plenty of choices for everyone.
There is also some perfume sets however I don’t think this is something I would gift to someone else or to myself.
The gift set I chose to pick up today holds the highest overall saving, containing £110.23 of make up for £29.50 and that is the Real Cheeky Party kit.

PackagingThe packaging for this like all this years gift sets is highly influenced by pop art and is beautifully bright and really gets you in the festive spirit. Im really happy that the packaging for this isn’t overly christmassy as it means I can use it all year round and now feel bad that I haven’t finished it yet, you feel a little silly using a Christmas inspired palette in May!
The actual box that the products are contained in is made of an embossed metal and really does feel special and makes it an incredibly thoughtful gift.

insideThe Cheeky Party gift set contains exactly what the title would suggest and that is an array of products based for use on the cheeks, this set contains:
Blush & Bronzers:
Hoola Bronzer (Full review of Hoola)
Supporting Products:
Watt’s Up Highlighter
They’re Real Push Up Liner
They’re Real Mascara

It also comes with a cute little leaflet containing some handy tips and best way to get the most use from the products.

I will finish by saying that I am ridiculously excited by this set, the blush and bronzing products are nearly the same size as the full size version and around the same price as just one full sized product for the whole set you absolutely cant go wrong.

What Gift sets are you looking forward to getting your hands on this year?

Would you like to see a fuller review of any of the products in this kit?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx x


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