Super Easy Gradient Sponge Nail Art

Hey Internet Friends,

Guys, Im super ill with a horrendous chest infection so Im really struggling to update the blog, so todays post is a super easy walk through of a little technique I use to make my nails look super cute and impressive with very little effort. Im fairly sure you’ll have seen this technique before but its one of my faves, so I wanna let you in on it just in case.

Easy Gradient Sponge Nail Art
DSC02265For this you will need:
Some pieces of sponge, either specialist beauty sponges or I just use some cheap sponge from the supermarket.
Two Nail colours that complement each other, my choices are
Barry M Chai
Barry M Almond
And a clear top and base coat.

Step 1 – Base Coat and first colour.
DSC02275Apply the clear base coat as you normally would and your first colour choice to the whole nail. This will work as a base for the finished look and is worth getting perfect with no smudges or bumps.

Step 2 – Paint that Sponge
DSC02283Take your second colour and apply it to the sponge, then take the piece of sponge and gently dab it onto your nail concentrating on the tip of the nail and working your way around half way down.

DSC02293The finished result after doing this should look a little like this, now this is pretty and looks very nice but it feels super bumpy and doesn’t feel as great as it looks.

Step 3 – Top coat
DSC02299Clear top coats are super important for creating a beautiful finish and fine they also work well to keep the polish in place for longer and avoid chipping.

The finished Look.
DSC02310As you can see this is a pretty and salon professional look with using the things you already have and a sponge. Super easy, even when your feeling awful and ill.

It also works for lighter colours too:

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and can forgive me for this quick post, hopefully I’ll be better soon and we can have the long chats were used too.

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Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x x



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