Bonus Post: Guinea Pig Subscription Box

Hey Internet Friends,

Little bit different today and thats why I’m not posting this on one of my scheduled days because it isn’t even slightly beauty related! Today I received my first ever subscription box and I think after christmas and my birthday this was one of the most exciting days of the year! This subscription box was purely for my gorgeous little Guinea Pig!
(if your just here for the cute guinea pig photo’s scroll to the bottom)

infoThe company I used was  Bunny Box primarily because Ive been ill, have no self control and they were the first website on my google search results. When the box come I was really impressed by how much detail had been put into the cute packaging and information inside.
The boxes differ between £13 – £15 depending on the length of your subscription and every box has 6 products that are all healthy, natural and perfect for your furry babies.

DSC02337 In this box (September 2015) 
Dried Plantain
Dried Pear
Boredom Breakers
Grass Sticks
Corn Rollers
Hay Straw Ball thing.

I originally ordered this product because honestly I was ill and bored but Im honestly really glad I did. If you work out that the products easily have a retail value of more than the price you pay for the box it works out a terrific bargain too.
Worth it to keep my little bramble bear happy and excited.

brambleboxBramble went absolutely mental with all the smells and new toys and it was squeaks galore!
She’s been my little friend for two years now and I have never seen her this excited before.
I will certainly be ordering a bunny box again and can easily see us considering a subscription after this box has been thoroughly destroyed!

Hope you didn’t mind a little different post today guys,

Do you have any subscription boxes that you think I might love?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx



10 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Guinea Pig Subscription Box

  1. fivezero says:

    Wheeeeeet! I can’t believe there’s a box for guinea pigs 😀 They’re so adorable. I used to have two, and they were the sweetest babies. Your Bramble is beautiful and I hope she enjoys her new treats.

    Liked by 1 person

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