Receiving a Giveaway :

Hey Internet Friends,

I think the best thing about having a blog is the community you become a part of, the ideas and knowledge that you can share with each other and the amazing people you meet. There has been one blog that has supported me from the start and thats Shanice or so as you can imagine when I received a notification to say I had won her latest giveaway I was absolutely ecstatic! So lets have a little look at what she sent me shall we?


The products involved were fairly high end and contained the Benefit They’re Real Sexy Steal kit, The Naked Basic Palette, NYX Blush, Art Deco Precision Liner and the infamous Mac’s Matte Russian Red.
Who wouldnt be happy to receive these wonderful products?!

Products InvolvedDSC02678This mascara is absolutely amazing! I mean full on must have product.

DSC02693The entire eye make up I create below was made entirely with this palette.
Fantastic staple product

DSC02703Why is this not everywhere? This product should be being talked about by EVERYONE.
It makes liquid eyeliner an absolute breeze!

DSC02706Classic, Amazing, beautiful! This is a fantastic colour and a real iconic look. 

DSC02726Super super pigmented! And a fantastic colour for the Winter season.

There isn’t one product within these that I couldn’t see myself using all the time. The Real Sexy kit is just a fantastic well rounded product while the Naked Basic palette contains a fantastic staple of colours.
The Precision Liner and Blush are products that I never knew I needed but now I doubt I will be able to live without them. The blush is really fantastically pigmented and the Liner makes cat eyes and fine lines really really easy!
Now, Russian Red. What a beautiful and iconic colour! This can take any classic and simple daytime look to a glamorous nighttime look in seconds.

The Look I created
Simple smoky eye with the iconic red lip.

Thanks so much to Shanice for the constant support and giving me the chance to have these amazing products as part of my collection.

Please guys go and check Shanice out now, her blog is so amazing and you won’t regret following! You can find her HERE

Also if you haven’t already, the chance to enter my giveaway is still possible until next Friday!
You can Enter HERE. 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


7 thoughts on “Receiving a Giveaway :

  1. Damascene by Shanice N.F. says:

    Reblogged this on Damascene by SNF and commented:
    My very very lovely Giveaway winner Holly from! I’m so excited that she loves the products she got! My first Giveaway is officially over, yaaaay! 🙂 Also check out the look she created with all the items! Stunning 🙂

    What do you guys think about the products? Are you thinking about exploring and getting any of them to try out?

    Wishing you dolls a wonderful evening ,

    Yaaaaaaay! ^^

    Shanice xo


  2. jessicablogsbeautyx says:

    I absolutely love this post! fabulous once again! On a completely unrelated note, you mentioned in a previous comment that you had studied something to do with editing/media. Your site looks amazing, and i don’t have a clue how to edit mine to my own personal preference (without having to upgrade). Did you have to upgrade? How did you make your site look this amazing?! Thank you x

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