The Body Shop Spa : Body Scrub & Body Clay

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I think every blogger and there grandmother has talked about these products recently, mainly because the launch of them was a very big deal. Ever since reading about them everywhere I have been desperate to try just one part of the range, every single time I go in the body shop I give them a sniff and I find myself talking about them constantly! The next logical step was obviously to own them right?

Both Products

The two products I purchased are the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay. The  ‘Spa of the World’ collection includes a variety of different products organised by ritual – the rituals can be identified by the coloured tabs attached to the label. The idea is that each ritual will give you your very own spa session at home! The products I chose are part of the Revitalising ritual.

How The Body Shop website explains the Revitalising Ritual.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Salt Scrub packaging

The packaging for this product and all the products in the Spa of the world collection are absolutely beautiful. They look like high end products that would fit in at any Spa and it certainly looks beautiful in my bathroom cabinet.
Its also fairly good value for money, especially for such a luxurious product, when you consider that the normal body scrub from the body shop is £13.00 for 200ml and this little beauty is £20 for 350ml. That works out 79p cheaper per 100ml!

I have been using this product for around a week now and I can safely say it is the best scrub I have ever had and if you come here often you will know I LOVE a good body scrub. It makes my skin look and feel amazing, the softest it has ever felt, the smell is absolutely gorgeous on the skin and It makes me really eager to try the other scrubs from the collection.

Active ingredients and what The Body Shop thinksSalt Scrub consistency

The Body Shop says:
Dead Sea salt is precious for its high mineral content and its coarse crystals, the perfect texture to reveal fresher-looking skin and stimulate circulation when massaged into skin. Use this invigorating scrub as part of our revitalising ritual when you want your body and mind to feel instantly re-energised.
Resurfacing body scrub
Exfoliates skin leaving feeling refreshed
Revitalises body and mind
With sea salt from the Dead Sea

The ethical Ingredient:
Soya oil from Gebana Brazil. Gebana produces soya oil from GM-free, organically grown soya beans cultivated in the hinterlands of the Iguazu River. Gebana comprises around 350 families, mostly smallholder farmers.

The soya oil in this product does make the texture a little thicker and less creamy then most of The Body Shop scrubs. But thats actually a feature I like as it allows you to be more aware of how much product your using, a lot less seems to go a longer way.

Verdict 9/10 
Honestly if it wasn’t £20 and therefore a lot harder to justify then most scrubs this would be a 10 without a doubt!

Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay
Clay ProductaThe idea behind this product is similar to a face mask except this is for the whole body, your expected to apply a generous layer onto thighs, stomach and arms and wait for ten minutes. After 10 minutes you will notice that the clay begins to dry and harden making your skin feel much tighter, it is a real challenge to wash it off but my skin did feel a lot smoother than before. As for firmness, I’m 22 it cant get much firmer….

What The Body Shop says
Rhassoul clay is treasured by Moroccan women for its skin firming power, as this mineral-rich mask absorbs excess water and oil, allowing skin to tighten and feel firmer as it dries. Use this toning mask as part of our revitalising ritual when you want your body and mind to feel re-energised. 

Firming clay body mask
Contours the body to leave skin looking and feeling more toned
Revitalises body and mind
With Rhassoul clay from The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The Ethical Ingredient
The silky sesame seed oil in our products is cultivated in Achuapa, a community nestled in the hills of northern Nicaragua. The Juan Francisco Paz Silva Cooperative (JFPS) sow and harvest sesame seeds by hand, then carefully press and filter them to produce a rich, high quality oil. JFPS was set up by Nicaraguan farmers in 1990 to combat a dwindling local sesame market, and has now grown to a 275-strong cooperative recognised by UNDP and Oxfam as a pioneering business model.

On Skin application
CLAY application
As you can see the product looks a lot like a spa mud bath and I imagine thats where the Body shop got their inspiration from. It is awkward standing around with this product on for ten minutes but I just used that time to cleanse my face and do my facial skincare.

Verdict 6/10
Its a lovely product don’t get me wrong, the only trouble is that I don’t know if its the right product for me. Its supposed to be a firming product but my skin doesn’t feel firmer, just softer. Its still a lovely little treat for when you want to really pamper yourself but I don’t think Id repurchase.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little product review, I know I’ve enjoyed the products!

Have you tried The Body Shop Spa of the World range yet? What did you think?

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Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxxx


18 thoughts on “The Body Shop Spa : Body Scrub & Body Clay

  1. Rachel Ellis Fashion & Beauty says:

    I really want to try this range! I need to get in store and have a proper look at everything. I like the sound of the Body Clay, but I’m also 22 so I may feel the same as you in terms of firmness haha 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. throughtheglitterglass says:

    Awww the body clay seemed like such a good product…. I may still try it :P.. And love the idea of the scrub. This whole range from body shop looks amazing.. I too love a good body scrub.. I think I will give it a go!
    Love the post!
    Saira x

    Liked by 1 person

    • hollypopmatthews says:

      Honestly, that’s like asking me to choose between chocolate and pizza. It’s so so hard!!
      I think if I was forced to pick I’d choose lush purely based on the ethic responsibilities they enforce with their products.
      There both amazing brands though and I’d say I have an equal collection of both. 🙂

      Thanks so much for the tag, I’m glad your enjoying the blog

      Liked by 1 person

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