My Halloween Make up Idea

Hey Internet Friends,

I love halloween! Its one of my favourite holidays and I desperately wish it was celebrated more in the UK, this year Im fortunate enough to be invited to a halloween party so its time to wack out the liquid latex and the fake blood. LETS ZOMBIE UP!

The Base
I start off with a full coverage foundation, my Mac studio fix fluid, making sure to blend this fully for a flawless finish – I want to look dead not like I’m going all glam!

I then apply the liquid latex in layers with a sponge until I get the desired effects, this takes a while as you have to wait for it to dry in-between or it will smudge horribly.

I then take a matte black eyeshadow and dab it around the edge of the liquid latex, this will later add dimension to the fake blood I will apply.

I set the entire base with a white matte eyeshadow to make the face look grey, washed out and fully DEAD!

Top Tips for Liquid Latex
Moisturiser is your friend – apply liberally before starting your base, your skin will thank you later.
If your impatient like me a hair dryer can come in really handy for drying the product in-between applications, also wrinkling your face as it dries helps with the real ‘scar’ look.
If your using it on an area with hair like eyebrows coat them in vegetable oil first, that way you’ll still have your eyebrows left when you take it off!

The Details
detailsAll you need is some black eyeshadow, black or brown eyeliner and some red lipstick.
Get smudging!
Layering/ sandwiching the product really helps to create a prominent and dark look without looking polished.
Anywhere you plan on applying fake blood later lightly dab lipstick as this will really help the intensity of the dried blood to stay looking fresh all night.
I used Mac Coffee eye pencil, Urban Decay basic palette and Mac Russian Red.

The Special bits
finishedThis is the bit that really makes the look amazing and terrifying!
Its also the funnest part.
I love nothing more than seeing how special effect contacts and a good helping of fake blood finishes such an easy halloween look.

My tip for contacts is simple – don’t look up! Most people think that this is the easiest way to apply contacts but I really struggle when I can see them going into my eye thats why I look down, makes those bad boys just hop right in!

The fake blood cost about £1 and yes it will crack throughout the night, there really is no way to avoid that without paying a fortune on special effects make up so just keep some with you and dap a little on when you go to the bathroom, the cracked stuff underneath will just add to the texture.


Hope you guys enjoyed this quick halloween post!

What are you guys going as this year?

Leave me a link below to your Halloween ideas!

Happy Spooking, speak soon,

HollyPop x x x


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