Deck the Halls…

Hey Internet Friends,

This post isn’t about a new product or anything remotely beauty related but its about my life and I feel we’ve been friends long enough that I can share these things with you. If you don’t like posts like this and prefer the more make up type things thats totally fine and I’ll see you on Saturday but for those that care about my everyday life and some cute Christmas Decorations, lets do this.

Christmas is my favourite most exciting time of year, I love it like I did when I was a child and still wake up early on Christmas Morning ridiculously giddy and happy.
It only ever truly starts to feel like Christmas when the Tree’s up so I start sort of early!

The Tree
The Tree is a fake unfortunately but with little paws around it just wouldn’t be practical to get a real tree. Its still a 6 foot beast and takes up the majority of my bay window!
Ive gone for a Silver and light blue theme this year with simple white lights, I think it looks so beautiful and let me tell you a little secret.
I got the Tree, decorations and lights for £30! Can’t beat that really.
Personalised Decorations
This cute little paper tree is probably one of my favourite decorations with customisable baubles it really adds that personal touch to Christmas.
I can get the majority of people I love in one space and really, what more is Christmas about?

This cute little fireplace is light by a tea light at the back that shines through the glass.
The fireplace itself is about 15cm high and made of ceramic, the stockings are plastic and interchangeable.
They even do one for the Guinea Pig! The one without a name on is supposed to be for our scary pet catfish called Raymond.
Its a bit mental in my house….

Little Bits and Bobs. 
Cute little feathery birds, no idea what these are for or have to do with Christmas but they look pretty!

This little snow globe is supposed to be a Christmas Tree decoration but it doesn’t go with the theme so it just lives on a little shelf now being adorable!
I don’t have a fireplace so my stocking have to be hung on my DVD shelf! If thats my only problem this year I think were going to be ok!

Hope you guys liked my Christmas Decorations,

If you guys have done a post about yours leave me a link in the comments. I’d absolutely LOVE to see them. 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


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