New Christmas Jumpers & Cake!

Hey Internet Friends,

Christmas is very quickly approaching and one that thing really helps my festive spirit is new Christmas Jumpers! The last few years me, my glamorous gran and grandad have all gone Christmas Jumper shopping together and I love it so much, its become something that makes me so happy. And these are the jumpers I picked up…

titleAll jumpers that I bought today were from Asda Walmart and were between £12 – £14 and frankly I think that is amazing for a good Christmas Jumper.


The minute I saw this I knew it had to come home with me, its so unbelievably soft and of course covered in Holly so it couldn’t be more appropriate for me.
This is a more traditional bright and colourful jumper and I absolutely LOVE it.


This looks absolutely amazing on and really shines beautifully under the light with all the little sequin details, I feel like this jumper is appropriate to wear all through the colder months and not just in December so thats a lovely bonus!


This is probably my favourite of the lot because its so festive and sparkly!
Its so girly and cute and it really feels special and thats important at Christmas, right?!
I love how soft it feels and the print is the perfect size to not be too over powering.

Gorgeous little sequin Robin perfect for the winter months, I feel like this is a classic Christmas design and the quality of this is outstanding especially considering it was £12! So soft and lovely.

Ahhh Christmas Jumpers do make me happy!

Ever since I was little my Grandma has made these amazing Christmas Cakes, my dad is possibly her biggest fan but now I’m a little older and can appreciate just how tasty there are and not just pick of the icing I get one too!

How unbelievably pretty is this?! Tastes pretty good too!
Thanks Grandma!

Hope you guys enjoyed this incredibly festive post!

What do you guys class as the ultimate festive treat?!

Do you have any awesome Christmas Jumpers?!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx


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