Lets Wrap this up! Paperchase Christmas Wrapping

Hey Internet Friends,

One of the things that gets me all festive and excited for the big day is wrapping everyones presents and making them look SUPER beautiful!
My wrapping shop of choice is always 100% Paperchase, Im that much of a fan that my local store know me well and my friends and family always look forward to how my presents will look.
So lets look at what there offering this year and how I’m using it!


Kids Penguin Style
I always like to get Jay a special wrapping style from everyone else and when I saw this I knew that it was meant to be, Jay absolutely loves penguins so this wrap was just perfect for his presents.
I decided to team the wrap with the Paperchase red sparkly gift tags and ribbon and bows set to go with the little red detail in the paper.
I feel its worked really well and looks super Christmassy.


Kraft Paper Style
I think the Kraft paper style is so on trend at the minute and looks timelessly beautiful. It comes back to the old paper packages tied up with string and it makes a gift look really fabulous.
I’ve chosen this style for all my friends and family and really hope they love it as much as I do. The simplicity and beauty of the packages really shines through and its especially nice under tree’s with a set theme of decorations so it won’t clash and look awkward.

kraftmeIm so happy with these and hope all my gift recipients love them too!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post about my wrapping choices this year,

Id love to hear about your festive bits and bobs, so link me in the comments?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx


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