Body Shop Haul

Hey Internet Friends,

Haul Time! I just cant help myself can I?!
Lets do this…


Ohhhhh pretty! Lets have a look at what I picked up…

Red Musk Scent
The scent for this is unlike no other, containing all spices and no flowers it really is the perfect warm fragrance with ingredients  Tobacco, Pepper and Cinnamon its beautifully different.

The presentation of this product is really beautiful with the dark red colours its really different than so many female fragrances. Its simple, elegant and perfect suits the warming notes of the scent.

Im delighted that I have this in my collection and cant wait to make it my signature winter scent.
Warm, spicy and cruelty free – what more could a girl want!

Frosted Cranberry Sugar Scrub
You guys know how much I love a good sugar scrub, this one smells absolutely divine using Cranberry Extracts from North America its beautiful in colour and I cant wait to try it!

Vitamin E Exfoliator
The Body Shop says this is “A light and creamy facial scrub to gently exfoliate without irritating the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and refined.

I personally just liked the idea of this as its more cream based and should feel a lot more soothing than most exfoliators.

All in one Concealer in the shade 00DSC04834
This is a really full coverage concealer thats perfect for covering up dark circles and redness, I am constantly on the look out for good concealers and maybe, just maybe this will fulfil my needs!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tiny Haul,

Have you guys tried any of these products?

What did you think?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx


3 thoughts on “Body Shop Haul

  1. Adryana says:

    I just love love love their Vitamin E series and its scent 😍I’ve been using quite a lot of Vitamin E products- facial spray, make up remover tissues, night cream, day cream, chapstick. You’ll find them all in my blog in different posts, like for example in “Work Essentials”. Adryana xoxo

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