Beat the January Blues…

Hey Internet Friends,

Apologise that I missed a post, I haven’t been well but thought I had enough scheduled posts to keep the blog running. Apparently I counted wrong!
January is always a tough all month with a lot of us feeling down in the dumps, me included so as soon as I was feeling up to it I popped into town and picked up some bits and bobs to make me feel better.

I got a collection of things to make me feel a little better to cover all different areas of my personal life. So shall I show you what I picked up?

hairNew year new you? Not so much but new year new hair colour sounds pretty good! I love the Live XXL colours from Schwarzkopf and thought I’d give the cosmic blue colour a shot, Im hoping its going to go like black with a blue shine under the light.
I always use Silvikrin hairspray in level 5 because once Ive done my hair I like it to stay put! A nice big new can is always a mood boost for me.
I also got another tub of the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment I recently reviewed because Im already starting to notice a real difference.

faceI know I have enough Foundation to sink a battle ship but hear me out? Ok?
I love the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and think its a real diamond product for a great price but I especially love mixing it with my Mac Studio Fix Fluid. I find that mixing the two leads to a perfect skin base with just the right colour and desired finish.
Not to mention it makes the more expensive Mac foundation last so much longer.
The wake me up concealer is my go to concealer I love how well it reduces redness and doesn’t go cakey so I thought seen as I need cheering up a new full one might be a bit lovely.

skinThis is a product I’ve never tried before but it just looked so luxurious that I just couldn’t resist.
No7 says about it
An indulgent treat for your skin.Give yourself an indulgent start to the day with this cleansing shower oil. With a combination of nourishing Argan Oil, hydrating Grapeseed Oil and Almond Oil combined with Vitamin E, this gently foaming oil truly transforms your everyday shower. Forumlated with high oil levels which work to condition the skin and moisturise all day long. The oil’s lather gently cleanses, leaving your body feeling soft, supple and hydrated.Hypo-allergenic: Because all skin can have sensitive moments, all our products are hypo-allergenic using ingredients we know and trust.

Im really excited to try this product as I think it will be a real treat for the skin and will make showers extra special.
Exactly what you need in January.

diaryI honestly cant believe its taken this long for me to get a new diary! Its normally one of the first things I do in January and I look forward to it the most.
I got this cute spotty one from Paperchase and it has a page a day and a shared page on weekends so its perfect for what I need.

I hope you enjoyed this little beat the January blues post.

What do you guys do to beat your January blues? 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


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