My Favourite Youtubers

Hey Internet Friends,

Firstly, if your thinking eurghhh HollyPop this isnt the kind of content we come here for!
Well as much as I know that, I also like to think you come here for me and the youtubers that I love are a big part of who I’ve grown to be yano. I worked really hard on this post so I hope you enjoy it, if you prefer the more beauty related posts, I’ll see you on next week  for a valentines day inspired make up look!


When I say I watch youtube, I don’t just mean the Vloggers and the ‘Youtubers’, Im in there for the weird stuff, the viral stuff, the cat videos, the trolls and everything in between. I like the internet at its wackiest and I love falling down youtube black holes.
For the purpose of this post Im gonna stick to the ‘Youtubers’, the people I watch everyday and see more than my friends and family.
So lets kick this off where it all began shall we?


Jenna Marbles
The first channel I ever subscribed to on youtube, the first time I felt like someone I’d never met was one of my best friends, the first person that made me laugh so hard I thought I’d pee and the first person that made me so emotional for someone I’ve never met.
Beautifully intelligent, talented and one of the most unique people I’ve ever come across.
I find myself using her funny little words and expressions in my everyday majestic life and she just warms my heart.

Jenna is originally from Upstate New York, Rochester and has lived in Boston where she completed her Masters degree in psychology before moving to LA where she now lives with her three gorgeous dogs and boyfriend Julien Solomita.
You Tube


Julien Solomita
Most people know him as Jenna Marbles boyfriend but he’s so much more that. He is one of the most artistic Vloggers that I watch managing to strike the perfect balance between beautiful time-lapse, scenery and his daily life.
Its a real talent to keep people that interested in Vlogs for so long and I think Julien does it perfectly.
He genuinely seems like an all around nice person and Im glad he took the decision to share his life with the internet because I really look forward to those vlogs.

Jenna and Julien also have an amazing podcast together that remains free to watch and listen too thanks to the varied and perfect introduced sponsors. I watch this every week and whilst the content doesn’t always appeal to me the way they speak about it makes it always entertaining.


romanatwoodRoman Atwood 

You might think you don’t know who Roman Atwood is but I guarantee you’ll have seen one of his prank videos. The guys pretty much an internet legend.
Although I must say Roman’s pranks aren’t the reason he’s one of my favourite youtubers, I absolutely love romans Vlog channel with his friends, family and daily antics.
His vlogs are so unbelievably real, no sugar coating or fakery just real life family vlogs.
He instills a positive message into his viewers and the people he surrounds him with and I think its a message that it doesn’t hurt to live by.

Everyone needs a little more positivity in there life from time to time.
Smile more


Blogger and Youtuber Zoe Sugg has smashed the internet, caused a mixed reaction amongst beauty bloggers and become incredibly successful with two best selling novels and a range of beauty products its hard to ignore her.
Her main channel is a mix of sit down videos and collabs but I really do prefer Zoe’s real life stuff like the Vlogs and the blog posts.
I watch her main channel videos religiously but my heart really lies with the vlogs, because its in those vlogs that you get to see the unpolished zoe who really just loves spending time with her dog and eating pizza.
And thats when I really can relate to Zoe.


I love all of ‘Team Gleams’ channel (like Jim Chapman, Pixi Woo, Tanya Burr, Joe Sugg) and do subscribe and watch them religiously like the other youtubers I’ve mentioned and whilst I’ll always love them and support their endeavours they don’t make it onto my favourite list just yet…

Other youtubers I love are people like Oli White, Gabby (VelvetGh0st) and BFvsGF (P vs P)

Hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into my life,

Who are your favourite youtubers?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Youtubers

  1. secretsofbeauty13 says:

    This was a great post! I enjoyed learning about who your favourite youtubers are. I am also a fan of Roman Atwood’ vlogs, i think he’s a very inspirational person. And i agree with you when it comes to Zoe’s videos, even though i adore her main channel videos, i feel i can relate a lot more to her vlog channel and it just feels more enjoyable to watch vlogs. Great post as always, hope you’re having a great week so far xxx


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