Whats on my iPhone?

Hey Internet Friends,

Ive only gone and got myself a new iPhone! So I thought seen as its all Ive been obsessed with all week we could have a little whats on my iPhone post.


The iPhone Itself

I went for the iPhone 6 in space grey in the 16GB model, this has a 4.7 Retina Display with a stunning 8MP camera and fingerprint identity technology.

The case that Im currently using is designed by Skinny Dip for urban outfitters.
I think the cute pink flamingos work well on the Space Grey.

The Home Screens


For my lock screen I used a photo collage featuring most of my favourite people, this really does cheer me up overtime I see it and its nice to have them there all the time.
The actual home screen is clean and simple with all the apps I need right on the first screen, I keep a selection of apps organised in different folders that Im going to talk you through.

Some of my favourite apps on the home screen are social media apps, obviously wordpress so I can keep up with you lovely lot and my Virgin TV anywhere so I can never miss a TV show.

Two of the features I love about the iPhone 6 is the unique screen control that allows you to move the screen down by double tapping the home button (because my hands are too tiny for the larger display) and the brilliant apple pay feature.
If you don’t get an iPhone for any other reason, get it for the apple pay. Its honestly changed my life!

Photography Folder
This where I keep everything for editing and uploading photos.
I have my trusty instagram app, the remote control for my Sony Alpha 500 and a few favourite editing apps.

My favourite app from the bunch is Over, it allows you to edit photographs to an outstanding quality and comes with loads of typographic options and cool pieces or artwork as you can see.

Finance & Shopping

I dont do a lot of shopping on my phone so this folder is probably labelled wrong, maybe I should change it to something more appropriate like lifestyle or something?

This is where I keep things like my online banking app, a few shopping apps and my trusty trusty Uber App.
I feel like everybody uses uber but if you don’t heres the lowdown.
Uber is the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless.
Its basically a cheap and convenient way to get your taxi’s, you simply tell the app where you want to go, your driver shows up and you can track your ride on the app and then you pay cashless either via paypal or apple pay.
If your new to uber and want a free ride on me use the code hollym684


Im not much of a gamer, I pretty much can only manage Guitar Hero and thats my lot.
But cute little iPhone puzzle games really do get me.
The game I am currently absolutely obsessed with is called Two Dots and the idea is to get rid of as many dots as possible by connecting them horizontally or vertically. Like a modern day game of squares.
The thing I like most about this little game aside from its addictive nature is the simple and clean design. I think it really works well and doesn’t confuse and overwhelm your brain.

Its no secret that the new iPhones have some brilliant health features featuring an in built pedometer and lots of other gadgets to get you thinking about your health.
My favourite app at the moment is the Calm app, I struggle a lot with sleeping and always have done. The app includes a bunch of different scenes and meditation techniques to help you chill out.
The company also sell a supporting book that goes along with App that I plan to buy as soon as possible.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Whats on my iPhone post,

Whats your favourite apps that I should know about?

As always, leave me links to any posts you think I’ll like in the comments. 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx


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